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Boxes with Attitude

The redesign of the shipping box seamlessly merged brand identity, vibrant visuals, and customer engagement.

Graphic Design

Type Design

Print & Collateral

Art Direction

Branding & Identity

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As an Art Director, leading the shipping box packaging redesign project for LD Products was an exciting venture. The challenge encompassed seamlessly integrating the box design with LD's distinctive brand identity while infusing vibrant visual elements without inflating printing expenses.

• We synced the box design with LD's brand, ensuring every aspect resonated with their ethos.
• We added multiple colors for visual excitement while keeping printing costs in check.
• Each side carried messaging that was both fun and meaningful, directly engaging customers.
• Produced the packaging that looks important and professional when it arrives at the customer’s doorstep
• Personalized statements with a playful tone spoke directly to customers, enhancing the unboxing experience.

This redesign encapsulated LD's essence, enhancing brand connection and customer delight.

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