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Redesign of box and label aesthetics for the company's entire range of branded items


Graphic Design

Print & Collateral

Art Direction

Branding & Identity

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The packaging was supposed to be showcased online across varying screen sizes, and older monitors dictated our approach. We honed in on key considerations to ensure optimal online readability and visual coherence:
1. Consistently organizing information was paramount, ensuring easy visibility of model numbers to streamline customer experience.
2. Placing the product image on the box front tapped into customer recognition.
3. Bold multi-stripes served as a recognizable cartridge color indicator.
4. Customer-centric data resided in white sections with bold typography, enhancing clarity.
5. Fun taglines were added to the boxes, infusing a lively touch.

Navigating the intersection of design and functionality, this project materialized into packaging that bore a contemporary look and resonated with our audience's preferences. The revamped packaging embodies the company's commitment to facilitating seamless interactions and elevating the customer experience.

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