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Direct Mailer

Through vibrant visuals and strategic elements, the card captures the essence of the company's commitment to quality and value, resonating with a diverse audience seeking ink and toner solutions

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Branding & Identity

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Designing LD Products' Direct Mailer card, I arranged every detail, including art-directing the impactful photo featuring the cheerful LD team member. The project was all about translating ink and toner expertise into a tangible experience. The card's purpose was to reach a broad demographic, from small businesses to creative individuals, and offer them an appealing solution.

Purpose and Audience:
The card's vibrant yellow and black tones were strategically chosen to resonate with the printing world and LD Products' identity. The central image of the LD team member juggling products bridges the choice between original and LD Brand, emphasizing value and expertise.

Strategic Elements:
Discounts for both LD Brand and original products, alongside free shipping, create immediate value. The "We're your ink & toner experts" tagline reinforces trust, while the limited-time offer adds urgency.

Contact and Branding:
Contact information is readily available, linking recipients to LD Products' support. The LD logo acts as a mark of quality and familiarity, anchoring the brand.

This Direct Mailer card is a catalyst for action, designed to resonate and create lasting brand connections. It's a visual and tactile representation of LD Products' commitment to exceptional ink and toner solutions.

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