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Pure Gold!

Marketing assets' art direction and design for a premium product line to resonate with the target audience across various channels

Graphic Design

Type Design

Print & Collateral

Art Direction

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Design Goals:

• Elevated Aesthetics
The LD Gold Series demanded a visual identity that exudes sophistication. Our design amplifies the product's premium status, communicating quality at a glance.
• Effortless Communication
Our design strategy focused on instant comprehension. Every visual element, from packaging to marketing materials, seamlessly conveys the product's superiority.
• Target Audience Engagement
Professionals seeking top-tier printing solutions are the core audience. The design resonates with their discerning taste, mirroring the Gold Series' commitment to excellence.

Project Highlights:

• ENX Mazarine Ad
A captivating print ad that communicates the elegance and innovation of the Gold Series, drawing readers in.
• Event Canopy Tent
An inviting and sophisticated tent design that becomes a focal point at events, embodying the Gold Series' premium status.
• Social Media Assets
Dynamic visuals and videos designed for social platforms, creating excitement and anticipation for the Gold Series launch.
• Acquisition Email
A persuasive email campaign that succinctly presents the Gold Series' value, encouraging potential customers to explore further.
• Partner Program Flyer
An informative flyer empowering dealers to effectively communicate the advantages of the Gold Series to their clients.

These assets are pathways to connecting the LD Gold Series with its audience, telling a story of innovation and excellence.

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